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How do our services differ from other legal writing services?

Writing is a skill that can be learned & acquired with practice. We offer a unique skill set and top quality content due to our strict guidelines and a combination of law, SEO and writing expertise. As lawyers ourselves, we mostly write content that is popular to your target audience and up to date with current times. We follow strict rules and guidelines and always do preliminary research before attempting to create unique content. Our American Academy legal writers are put through strenuous tests before being accepted to join our team. Our legal writing is always unique and targeted towards our clients target audience. Most of our clients are practicing lawyers that lack online legal marketing skills and writing teams. We have the best legal writers in the business and provide top class solutions to lawyers in all fields.

Instructions & Procedures

Our legal content writers adhere to strict rules and guidelines when creating legal content...

Responsibilities & Duties

We always do preliminary research to make sure our content is useful and meet the expections of your target audience.../p>

Our main goals at the American Academy of Legal Writers;

  • To offer aspiring practitioners a way to achieve a distinction based on proven professional writing skills.

  • To provide meaningful credentials to talented legal writers which enhances their employment records and employment prospects.

  • To give forthcoming legal employers a trustworthy tool to use for evaluating the mastery in reasoning, research, writing and editing capabilities.

  • To motivate law schools in improving the way they teach legal content and blog writing towards higher standards.

We set benchmarks for all our writers, three passing grades are possible, they are high pass, pass and low pass. If our legal writers receive one low pass out of the three assignments, they will be required to submit three new assignments at high pass. These assignments will involve content curation, research and writing. These kind of assignments require both conciseness and accuracy. It sharpens their writing skills which is definitely a legal writer’s most important skill.

American Academy of Legal Writers success in creating legal content

  • Many advocates come to us for help, only after trying to write their own content. While a practicing attorney is certainly capable to write about legal issues and other topics, they definitely don't have the time to do it on a consistent basis.

  • Lawyers may know how to write proper legal content, however they don't have the necessary tools or expertise to perform the necessary research needed for good search engine rankings.

  • The most successful law firm websites and legal blogs are constantly updated, week in and week out! Some even on a daily basis which is impractical for most successful attorneys with busy law practices. The process of enrolling high quality legal content is time consuming.

  • By outsourcing this time consuming task, attorneys and lawyers can focus on retaining their prospective clients and getting more business. This will increase their productivity and client communication.

  • All our content writers use many tools to research millions of keywords to help ensure that your content contains the most popular keyword phrases being used by your potential clients or target audience.

  • We also include several variations of keyword phrases in order to make your websites rank higher in search engines and do the necessary onsite SEO for them to find the content effectively.

We make sure that our content is;

  • Unique, easy to understand and well written.

  • Interests your target audience and encourages them to read on.

  • Comply with state bar guidelines regarding attorney advertising.

  • Ability to communicate in a clear, straightforward and understandable way.

  • Reflect the ethos or philosophy of your law firm toward clients and the practice of law.

  • Be SEO friendly and provide popular and trending content for your audience.

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The legal content writers has an extensive experience in writing legal content for law firms and legal

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The web is inundated with poorly written and superficial content which has no substance. A lot of that content offers very general overviews in which the potential clients feel difficult to understand and don't add value to the websites. This type of content not only fails to convert prospective leads into clients but actually isolates visitors to your website who feel duped by empty content that conveys nothing! The top law firm websites and legal blogs have various pages of well-written content, which is well research and curated - being able to both attract and convert prospective clients.

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